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est la source de tous vos besoins d’enregistrement et d’imagerie EasyTrace® Papier Médical Original et EasyTrace® Compatible pour imprimantes video EasyTrace® Gels pour Transmission EasyTrace® Electrodes ECG Electrodes pour stimulation Embouts et filtres pour spirométrie

Cardiology gelCG0260A2260mlEasyTrace ECG Transmission Gel1296
Ultrasound gel 260mlUG0260A2260mlEasyTrace Ultrasound Transmission Gel1296
ultrasound gel 260grUG0260A2/1260mlEasyTrace Ultrasound Transmission Gel1296
ultrasound gel 1LUG1000A21LEasyTrace Ultrasound Transmission Gel***6
ultrasound gel 1LUG1000A2/11LEasyTrace Ultrasound Transmission Gel***6
ultrasound gelUG5000A25LUltrasound transmission gel, soft squeezable 5 litre bag***2
Image MD Ref Size Description Units per box Units per carton


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