Ultrasound gel for ECG physiokinesiotherapy, EEG and EMG

ultrasound transmission gels

Blue and colourless ultrasound gels for ultrasound, ECG, physiokinesiotherapy, EEG, and EMG.

This versatile product can be used with

  • ultrasonic transducers, so as to create a perfect contact between skin and transducer
  • cardiotocographs, echoencephalographs, myographs, transcutaneous stimulators in physiotherapy and
  • other electro-medical tests in order to improve the electrical conductivity between electrodes and the patient’s body

Not dirty, does not cause irritation, soluble in water, easily removable with a towel.

Our gels increase the flow of the probe on the skin to allow the probe to move constantly on the patient’s skin. Our gels help the propagation of incoming and return sound waves, to give a higher quality image processed by the ultrasound system. The ultrasound gel improves the coupling between the probe and the skin, canceling the air pockets present in the stratum corneum of the dermis, increases the conductivity of the ultrasounds, and allows the probe to slide easily on the skin.

The ultrasound gel is also used in ultrasound therapy, the therapeutic treatment that uses the biological-chemical effect that sonic mechanical waves have on tissues, accelerating cell metabolism, increasing localized thermal energy and stimulating neuromuscular tone.

UG0260A2260mlEasyTrace Ultrasound Transmission Gel25
UG0260A2/1260mlEasyTrace Ultrasound Transmission Gel25
UG1000A21LEasyTrace Ultrasound Transmission Gel6
UG1000A2/11LEasyTrace Ultrasound Transmission Gel6
UG5000A25LUltrasound transmission gel, soft squeezable 5 litre bag2
UG5000A2/15LUltrasound transmission gel, soft squeezable 5 litre bag2
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