Established in 1980, Modul Diagram has been a leading manufacturer of special papers for medical equipment and industrial recorders for over 30 years. Each year our range of products increases, thanks to continuous research and investments in new technologies, such as in the different kinds of rotative printing, and in the the conversion of flexible materials.

We sell our products to over 2000 customers in Italy, Europe and all over the world. Our customers include hospitals, clinics, research centers and industries.

We are EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and carry on all of the critical activities in controlled contamination environments, according to high quality standards.

Our Brands


The EasyTrace® brand of Healthcare Products for Diagnostics and Recording includes medical recording papers,  print media, transmission gels, ECG electrodes and accessories, electrodes for stimulation, and products for spirometry.


The EtiRib brand of Identification and Traceability products includes labels, tickets, ribbons, printers, and printing accessories..